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Celebrity Big Brother UK 10

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Start Date 15th August 2012
End Date 7th September 2012
Duration 24 days
Broadcaster Channel Five
Main Presenter Brian Dowling
Official Website
The Finalists6Julian (The Winner), Coleen (Runner-up), Martin (3rd), The Situation (4th), Ashley (5th) & Harvey (6th)
Evicted Housemates7Cheryl, Danica, Jasmine, Julie, Lorenzo, Rhian & Samantha
Voluntary Exits0 
Ejected Housemates0 


JulieLorenzoMartinRhianSamanthaThe Situation


Day 113 housemates enter
Day 3Jasmine & Rhian nominated
Day 8Jasmine evicted; Cheryl, Coleen, Julian, Lorenzo & The Situation nominated
Day 10Cheryl evicted
Day 12Danica, Rhian, Samantha & The Situation nominated
Day 15Rhian evicted; Coleen, Danica & Samantha nominated
Day 17Samantha & Danica evicted
Day 19Julie, Lorenzo & Martin nominated
Day 22Lorenzo & Julie evicted
Day 24Julian wins

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