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Secret Story Portugal 6

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Start Date 11th September 2016
End Date 31st December 2016
Duration 112 days
Edition Format Civilian Edition - Secret Story
Prize Money € 20,000
Broadcaster TVI
Main Presenter Teresa Guilherme
Official Website
The Finalists5Helena (The Winner), Diogo S (Runner-up), Carla (3rd), Cláudio A (4th) & Tucha (5th)
Evicted Housemates16Catarina, André, Paulo, Luís, Kika, Mariana, Christina, Nuno, Bruno, Daniela, Ana, Márcio, Joel, Cristiana, Amor & Diogo L
Voluntary Exits1Fábio
Ejected Housemates3Vanessa, Cláudio C & Rita


Amor Ana André Bruno Carla Catarina Christina Cláudio A Cláudio C Cristiana Daniela Diogo L Diogo S
Fábio Helena Joel Kika Luís Márcio Mariana Nuno Paulo Rita Tucha Vanessa


Day 121 housemates enter
Day 3Ana, Catarina, Mariana & Tucha nominated
Day 8Catarina evicted
Day 10André, Diogo L & Fábio nominated
Day 15Vanessa ejected; André evicted
Day 17Bruno, Christina, Kika & Paulo nominated
Day 22Paulo evicted
Day 24Cláudio A, Diogo L & Luís nominated
Day 25Fábio leaves
Day 29Luís evicted
Day 31Bruno, Christina, Helena, Kika & Mariana nominated
Day 36Kika evicted
Day 38Christina, Cristiana, Helena, Mariana & Rita nominated
Day 43Cláudio C & Rita ejected; Mariana evicted
Day 45Ana, Carla, Christina, Helena & Tucha nominated
Day 50Amor & Joel enter; Christina evicted
Day 52Diogo L, Helena & Nuno nominated
Day 57Daniela & Márcio enter; Nuno evicted
Day 59Bruno, Carla, Cláudio A, Diogo L & Diogo S nominated
Day 64Bruno evicted
Day 66Daniela, Joel & Márcio nominated
Day 71Daniela evicted
Day 73Ana, Cláudio A, Diogo L & Joel nominated
Day 78Ana evicted
Day 80Amor, Joel & Márcio nominated
Day 85Márcio evicted
Day 87Amor, Diogo L & Joel nominated
Day 92Cláudio A finalist; Joel evicted
Day 95Helena nom.; Amor, Carla, Cristiana & Diogo L nominated
Day 99Carla finalist; Helena saved; Cristiana evicted
Day 101Amor, Diogo L & Helena nominated
Day 104Amor evicted; Diogo L, Diogo S, Helena & Tucha nominated
Day 108Diogo L evicted
Day 112Helena wins

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