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Grande Fratello VIP 1 Italy

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Start Date 19th September 2016
End Date not known
Duration ?? days
Edition Format Celebrity Edition
Prize Money not known
Broadcaster Canal 5
Main Presenter Ilary Blasi
Official Websites
Current Housemates8Alessia, Andrea, Elenoire, Gabriele, Laura, Mariana, Stefano & Valeria
Evicted Housemates4Antonella, Asia, Bosco & Costantino
Voluntary Exits0 
Ejected Housemates2Clemente & Pamela


Alessia Andrea Antonella Asia Bosco Clemente Costan
Elenoire Gabriele Laura Mariana Pamela Stefano Valeria


House Pictures


Day 0113 housemates enter; Alessia, Costantino, Mariana & Pamela nominated
Day 08Costantino evicted; Alessia, Clemente & Mariana nominated
Day 15Clemente ejected; Antonella/Asia, Laura & Pamela nominated
Day 22Pamela ejected; Antonella & Asia nominated
Day 29Asia evicted; Antonella, Laura & Mariana nominated
Day 36Antonella & Bosco evicted; Mariana & Valeria nominated

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