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Grande Fratello VIP 1 Italy News

Day 8, Monday 26th September 2016: Costantino evicted

Costantino received the most votes to evict and is the first housemate to be evicted from the Grande Fratello VIP 1 Italy house.

Day 8, Monday 26th September 2016: Alessia, Clemente & Mariana nominated

Housemate Number Nomination
Red Team
Clemente 2 Mariana
Gabriele 0 Clemente
Laura 1 Clemente
Mariana 2 Laura
Valeria 0 Mariana
Blue Team
Alessia 4 Antonella & Asia
Andrea 0 Pamela
Antonella & Asia 2 Alessia
Bosco 0 Antonella & Asia
Elenoire 0 Alessia
Pamela 1 Alessia
Stefano 0 Alessia
  • The housemates were split into 2 teams, Red Team and Blue Team. Each housemate had to nominate one housemate from the same team as themselves.
  • Alessia (4 nominations) & Antonella/Asia (2) from the blue team with Clemente (2) & Mariana (2) from the red team, received the most nominations.
  • Andrea won the live challenge and was able to save one of the nominees and he chose to save Antonella/Asia.
  • This means that Alessia, Clemente and Mariana are the housemates up for eviction this week.

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