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Big Brother Israel 8

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Start Date 18th December 2016
End Date 28th March 2017
Duration 101 days
Prize An apartment
Broadcaster Channel 2-Keshet
Main Presenter Erez Tal & Korin Gideon
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Finalists5Avihay (Winner), Shani (Runner-up), Haim (3rd), Sharon (4th) and Maayan (5th)
Evicted Housemates13Orna, Dan, Omer, Judy, Andal, Eden, Anastasia, Shem, Talin, Kohav & Shmulik, Hezi, Tehila and Ester
Voluntary Exits0 
Ejected Housemates0 


Anastasia Andal Avihay Dan Eden Ester Haim Hezi Judy
Kohav &
Maayan Omer Orna Shani Sharon Shem Talin Tehila


House Pictures


Day 0114 Houseamtes enter
Day 09Ester, Orna, Shem and Tehila nominated
Day 10Ester evicted
Day 16Andal, Dan, Eden, Orna, Shani, Talin and Tehila nominated
Day 17Tehila evicted
Day 23Hezi, Kohav & Shmulik, Shani and Shem nominated
Day 24Hezi evicted
Day 30Kohav & Shmulik, Maayan, Shani and Talin nominated
Day 31Kohav & Shmulik evicted
Day 37Avihay, Haim, Orna and Shem nominated
Day 38Orna evicted. Tehila, Hezi, Kohav & Shmulik and Orna returned
Day 44Hezi, Kohav & Shmulik, Orna and Tehila nominated
Day 45Tehila, Hezi and Kohav & Shmulik re-evicted
Day 51All 10 housemates nominated
Day 52Talin evicted
Day 594 Houseamtes enter
Day 65Avihay, Dan, Orna and Shem nominated
Day 66Shem evicted
Day 72Anastasia, Avihay, Orna and Sharon nominated
Day 73Anastasia evicted
Day 7910 housemates nominated
Day 80Eden and Andal evicted
Day 86Haim, Judy, Orna, Shani and Sharon nominated
Day 87Judy evicted
Day 93Dan, Omer, Orna, Shani and Sharon nominated
Day 94Omer and Dan evicted
Day 96All 6 housemates nominated
Day 96Orna re-evicted
Day 101Avihay wins

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