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Bigg Boss 10 Hindi India

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Start Date 15th October 2016 (Housemates entered) - TV launch show aired 16th October 2016
End Date not known
Duration ?? days
Edition Format Mixed Edition (Civilians & Celebrities)
Prize Money Not known
Broadcaster Colors TV
Main Presenter Salman Khan
Official Website
Current Housemates14Akanksha, Bani, Gaurav, Karan, Lokesh, Lopamundra, Manu, Manveer, Mona, Navin, Nitibha,
Om Swami, Rahul & Rohan
Evicted Housemates1Priyanka
Voluntary Exits0 
Ejected Housemates0 


Akanksha Bani Gaurav Karan Lokesh Lopamundra Manu Manveer Mona Navin Nitibha Om Swami Priyanka Rahul Rohan


House Pictures


Day 0115 housemates enter
Day 02Gaurav, Manu, Mona & Priyanka nominated
Day 09Priyanka evicted
Day 10Akanksha, Gaurav, Manu, Manveer, Mona, Nitibha & Rohan nominated

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