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Promi Big Brother Germany 4

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Start Date 31st August 2016
End Date 16th September 2016
Duration 17 days
Prize Money not known
Broadcaster Sat 1
Main Presenter Jochen Schropp
Official Website
The Finalists5Ben (Winner), Cathy (Runner-up), Mario (3rd), Natascha (4th) & Jessica (5th)
Evicted Housemates7Dolly, Frank, Isa, Joachim, Marcus, Robin & Stephen
Voluntary Exits0 
Ejected Housemates1Edona


Ben Cathy Dolly Edona Frank Isa Jessica Joachim Marcus Mario Natascha Robin Stephen


House Pictures


Days 01-0312 housemtes enter
Day 06Edona ejected
Day 10Dolly evicted
Day 11Stephen evicted
Day 12Robin evicted
Day 13Marcus evicted
Day 14Isa & Joachim nominated
Day 15Isa & Joachim evicted
Day 16Frank evicted
Day 17Ben wins

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