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Secret Story 10 France

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Start Date 26th August 2016
End Date 17th November 2016
Duration 84 days
Edition Format Civilian Edition - Secret Story
Prize Money € 100,000
Broadcaster TF1
Main Presenter Christophe Beaugrand
Official Websites
Current Housemates7Anaïs, Bastien, Darko, Julien, Mélanie, Sarah & Thomas
Evicted Housemates8Athénaïs, Damien, Fanny, Jaja, Maeva, Manon, Pierre & Sophia
Voluntary Exits0 
Ejected Housemates1Marvin


Anaïs Athénaïs Bastien Damien Darko Fanny Jaja Julien
Maeva Manon Marvin Mélanie Pierre Sarah Sophia Thomas


Day 116 housemates enter
Day 7Damien, Mélanie, Pierre & Thomas nominated; Damien evicted
Day 12Mélanie & Sophia nominated
Day 14Sophia evicted
Day 19Darko, Julien, Pierre & Thomas nominated
Day 21Pierre evicted
Day 26Athénaïs, Maeva & Mélanie nominated
Day 28Athénaïs evicted
Day 33Jaja & Thomas nominated
Day 35Jaja evicted
Day 39Marvin ejected
Day 40Maeva & Thomas nominated
Day 42Maeva evicted
Day 47Manon & Thomas nominated
Day 49Manon evicted
Day 63Fanny & Julien nominated; Fanny evicted

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