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Secret Story 10 France News

Day 40, Tuesday 4th October 2016: Maeva & Thomas nominated

Housemate Number 1st Nomination 2nd Nomination
The Boys
Bastien Immune - -
Darko Immune - -
Julien Immune - -
Thomas Nominated - -
The Girls
Anaïs Immune - -
Fanny Immune - -
Maeva Nominated
Manon Immune - -
Mélanie Immune - -
Sarah Immune - -
  • Fanny was given a secret mission. She had to choose one housemate to be her "ally" and she chose Julien. They must keep this alliance secret. If the other housemates guess that Julien is her ally then both Fanny and Julien will be automatically up for eviction. If the housemates fail to guess correctly then Fanny and Julien will be immune and all other housemates will be up for evcition.
  • The housemates incorrectly guessed that Darko was Fanny's ally. Therefore Fanny and Julien win immunity.
  • Fanny and Julien are given teh opportunity to buy 6 immunity cards. They give the cards to Bastien, Sarah, Anaïs, Darko, Manon and Mélanie.
  • Maeva and Thomas are the only housemates without immunity and are up for eviction this week.

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