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Secret Story 10 France News

Day 33, Tuesday 27th September 2016: Jaja & Thomas nominated

Housemate Number 1st Nomination 2nd Nomination
The Boys
Bastien 1 - -
Darko Immune - -
Jaja 2 3 - -
Julien 0 - -
Marvin 3 2 - -
Thomas 6 - -
The Girls
Anaïs Immune Jaja Thomas
Fanny Immune Marvin Thomas
Maeva Immune Jaja Thomas
Manon Immune Thomas Bastien
Mélanie Immune Thomas Marvin
Sarah Immune Marvin Jaja Thomas
  • Darko won a competition and the prize was a place in the semi-final and is therefore immune from being up for eviction.
  • This week the girls were immune and had to nominate the boys.
  • Thomas (6) and Marvin (3) received the most nominations and were initially up for eviction.
  • Anaïs and Manon are the current head of house and could void another housemates nominations and replace them with their own nominations. The chose to void Sarah's nomination odf Marvin and Thomas and replace the nomination with Jaja and Thomas.
  • Thomas (6) and Jaja (3) are the housemates up for eviction this week. Marvin avoids the public vote as his revised total is now 2.

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