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Big Brother Albania 9

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Start Date 18th March 2017
End Date  
Prize Money  
Broadcaster Top Channel
Main Presenter Arbana Osmani
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Current Housemates24Adem, Armela, Benard, Damiano, Danjel, Denis, Dona, Donjeta, Egnajt, Ejona, Ervini, Fiorentina, Fotini, Gerta, Katerina, Kei, Kleodiana, Liridon, Lupçe, Musa, Olsi, Sidrita, Vivi & Xheni
Evicted Housemates0 
Voluntary Exits0 
Ejected Housemates0 


Adem Armela Benard Damiano Danjel Denis Dona Donjeta Egnajt Ejona Ervini Fiorentina
Fotini Gerta Katerina Kei Kleodiana Liridon Lupçe Musa Olsi Sidrita Vivi Xheni


House Pictures


Day 0120 Houseamtes enter
Day 08Adem & Ejona, Denis & Gerta and Kei & Vivi nominated. 4 Housemates enter
Day 11?Donjeta quits. Damiano ejected?
Day 15?Denis & Gerta evicted. Damiano returns. Adem & Ejona and Danjel & Fotini nominated?
Day 01?Adem & Ejona evicted. Egnajt and Kleodiana ejected. Liridon evicted?

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